Gingersnap Hair is located at Tangerine Style Suites in Bothell, WA.

Tangerine Style shares a building with Tangerine Travel. It’s right off the 160th exit on I-405 on the border of Kirkland and Bothell.

There is a dedicated parking lot for the building and you are free to park anywhere.

When you enter the building on a weekday, Tangerine’s front desk staff will guide you to where the salons are. They are also happy to make you a beverage of your choice!

On Saturdays, the front door requires a unique code to get in. I will text and/or email this code to you.

When you reach the Tangerine Style Suites lobby, there is a directory screen that’ll show you where my suite is (#100).

Please enter "Tangerine Style Suites” into your GPS for best results!

10808 NE 145th St., Bothell WA 98011