Before & After by DKWstyling

Before & After by DKWstyling

Why Natural Beaded Rows™ Hair Extensions?

Natural Beaded Rows™ Hair Extensions is the perfect solution for both the stylist and the client.

  • You're in and out of the studio in 3-4 hours or less!
    In less than 3 hours (if you have worn extensions before you know how great this sounds), my clients are in and out of the salon leaving transformed and feeling more beautiful then when they arrived.

  • NO Glue or Tape!
    This means no loose/slipping extensions, no sticky mess, no time-consuming removal process, and total seamlessness.

  • NBR™ Hair Extensions do less damage, hide completely, and won't slip out.
    The Natural Beaded Rows ™ Hair Extension Method is 100% unique, crafted from years of experience and diligent searching by its creator Danielle White to create the absolute best method out there using gorgeous, hand-tied hair that is custom-colored to enhance your own hair. 

You'll have the most natural, lightweight, easy to care for extensions, and the best part?

…no one will believe you have extensions until you actually show them!

Interested in learning more? NBR™ is done by application & consultation only. Click below to apply now for Natural Beaded Rows!™