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Blondes all around

Long time no blog! It’s been a wild fall season, full of travel and continuing education.

I just returned home from my final hair training of the year, and have big bright plans for 2019! If you’re not following my current work on Instagram, head over there by clicking here. I occasionally update using the story feature, and it’s getting exciting with some changes that are coming up.

2019 will mark Gingersnap Hair’s 4th birthday! With that, I will be relocating my salon to the Kirkland/Juanita/Bothell area. I will be updating everything to reflect my change of address once we get through the holiday season.

I am SO EXCITED to share what I’m up to with this new chapter in my business. With refocusing to being an extensions-exclusive salon, my new space is going to be magical to be in. Bonus? I can now serve wine :)

More on that later, but in the meantime here are a handful of lovely blondes created with the help of some hand-tied NBR hair extensions. There is no better way to add fullness, length and COLOR to your hair than with this method.

Alexa wearing two rows of hand-tied extensions in a soft blonde ombre

Alexa wearing two rows of hand-tied extensions in a soft blonde ombre

Ally showing the world what you can now do while wearing hair extensions: BRAIDS!

Ally showing the world what you can now do while wearing hair extensions: BRAIDS!

Danielle with some gorgeous 20” hair in a dimensional blonde ombre

Danielle with some gorgeous 20” hair in a dimensional blonde ombre

Back to your regularly-scheduled blog updates, starting now! Ready to learn more about what NBR can do to up your hair game? Want to know if it’s the right fit for you? Find more info and start your consultation here.

NBR: The most customizable extensions on the market

Pretty much every hair extensions method out there involves the following: client shows up, color swatch ring comes out, and then the best match is found, ordered, and installed. The result is usually what you might expect... it looks like hair extensions- where you can tell something is off.

One of the funnier things I've heard lately was from my dad. He's always been my biggest fan, and even knows what balayage is! I was doing his bi-weekly buzz cut the other day and he was like "hey, I need a stack of your new cards". Sure, okay! But... any particular reason? "I saw this woman at the grocery store yesterday who had THE WORST EXTENSIONS. She needed your help!". I mean, if my dad can spot some rogue weave in the wild, you know there must be a better way.

Enter NBR. I haven't had this much fun working on hair since my early days when I worked on photoshoots at every opportunity possible. I'm not only helping transform my clients' everyday looks by giving them the fullness and lush hair they've always wanted... I'm giving them REAL hair that looks like it popped straight off of Pinterest. And it's low-maintenance, to boot! 

Preparing hair for Sarah's NBR installation

Preparing hair for Sarah's NBR installation

I first met Sarah years ago on one of my many trips to my local craft store- she always helped me out when I was looking for some odd thing for my projects, and eventually she became my client at Gingersnap. When I was just getting started on my Natural Beaded Rows journey, she jumped straight on board and wanted to give it a shot. This got me excited because a) she always had super fun color requests and b) she was never able to grow the long lush mane she'd wanted.

We chatted color, set our date and then I set to work getting her new hair ready. We always do some variant of red, but this summer we were feeling a blend of blush, pink, copper and blonde. This isn't any kind of swatch-and-go situation: I custom-colored every piece of hand-tied hair and then layered them together in her installation. 

Sarah, after her NBR transformation

Sarah, after her NBR transformation

The result? Pure, inimitable happiness. This is why I love what I do <3

Sarah's before &amp; after

Sarah's before & after

Ready for your own experience with the best-kept secret in the hair industry? Click here to start your own unique consultation process.


Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to the Gingersnap Blog! I'm really pleased to be getting this started and have so much to share. As I shift my focus in my business I've decided to create more of a presence outside of the salon. 

Things you'll find here: tutorials for easy-to-repeat techniques in hair and beauty. Information about how to use and curate product at home. Behind the scenes insights into haircolor, styling, and extensions. Inspiration, both seasonal and as the wind blows.

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

At heart, I'm an educator on one side and an artist on the other. Finding a new path within the beauty industry that really plays to my love of detail, craft and education has me so excited!

One thing I would really like to see happen within the blog is collaboration. I love to find a hot topic amongst my clients for the week and consolidate that into useful info for people. Now that I'm directing my focus beyond the salon and my daily work behind the chair, I want to hear from YOU.

What do you want to know? Is there a problem or frustration you're experiencing with your hair? Something you're curious about? Tell me here. I would love to workshop through your issue.

Today I wanted to share something I'm really proud of.

I've been giving my clients hair extensions for years- from glued-in wefts (yes, YIKES! Early days!) to halos, tape-ins, clip-ins and custom-cut wigs. I started working seriously with long-wear extensions about four years ago with tape-ins, which work great for what they are (you can create dramatic change, add color, and they are wearable for about six weeks with minimal damage) and I was able to really create wonderful change for my clients.

I started learning that customizing color for this hair took the service from "meh" to actually very lovely and convincing. I've had many clients commit fully to adding length and fullness using extensions, and I even wore a halo AND a fall for my own wedding!

Julie is a long-time client of mine. We've given her a wide range of colors and styles with color and extensions- from platinum-vanilla blonde to natural balayaged blend, and then finally to beautiful copper blondes. She has loved wearing extensions for length and mermaid-y fullness as her natural hair can grow quite long, but hangs pretty flat and thins out around the ends.

I had the opportunity to remove her tape-in extensions and give her the Natural Beaded Rows experience. The overall effect went from "hmm, pretty" to "OMG, your hair is INCREDIBLE" and actually left me stunned when we both looked at her hair with her custom-colored NBR in.

Having the knowledge and skills now to help get my clients to this state of confidence, gorgeousness and a little extra bounce in their step is what it's all about for me. It's safe to say I've found my calling! Check out how stunning Julie's new hair looks:

Julie, before NBR (with fresh color) &amp; after 2 full rows of NBR

Julie, before NBR (with fresh color) & after 2 full rows of NBR

Julie's new extensions don't use heat, glue or excessive points of contact, so the impact on her own hair is minimal to nonexistent. She can use any products she would like to- no limitations on conditioner or oils. Even better, the NBR hair has a gorgeous body wave so her hair will look stunning even when simply air-dried.


No evidence! Perfectly blended, no lumps, bumps or bits sticking out. Her hair moves and flows like her natural would.

No evidence! Perfectly blended, no lumps, bumps or bits sticking out. Her hair moves and flows like her natural would.

NBR @ Gingersnap Hair is being offered by consultation. Please click through and fill out an application over here with your information and I will be in touch within 24-48 hours to set up a time to discuss your hair goals! I'll be setting up appointments for new clients beginning in late July and early August.

Beauty comes from within- but sometimes you need a little boost on the outside to get that glow on. Looking forward to hearing from you all!