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Having had that baby-fine, soft hair that just doesn't have the fullness I want (you know the type: looks gorgeous for two hours after a blowout, looks like a soggy rat by day 2), I've tried every type of hair extension out there. I loved the idea of the extra length & oomph you could achieve from hair extensions!

The reality tended to be a bummer, though. You can imagine it: that first comical moment I put 22" long blonde clip-in extensions into my cute little pixie cut, that one time I got a head of keratin-bonds that took 5 hours to put in, 5 hours to take out and left my hair a broken mess, you get the idea!

As a stylist, I've been on the lookout for a method that would solve my clients' hair problems without the typical laundry list of issues (color looks fake, bonds show when the wind blows, can't pull it up or back, involves acetone or alcohol to remove the hair, etc etc etc). In the last few years I only offered what I considered to be the gentlest methods- halos and tape-ins that didn't require solvent removal. Even still, these methods weren't perfect and I'd only ever offer them to clients who specifically reached out to me.

Enter NBR. I kept seeing these GORGEOUS before & after photos pop up on Instagram where the end result was so seamless... the color looked not only real, but BOMB, and the styling possibilities looked endless. I stalked the creator of the method's social media for months, thinking there must be some catch. Turns out, no catch! It's just awesome. I was intrigued by this gorgeous method that was specifically designed for the type of hair most of my extensions clients have- MY hair type- baby fine & fragile.

From my skinny hair to luscious volume with NBR

From my skinny hair to luscious volume with NBR

Before I headed to Southern CA for my first certification course over four days, I had clients being like "are you going to get these? Your hair is already long! Do people get extensions?". At that time it was like... yes... lots of people get extensions! But me, I need to be convinced. I hated wearing tape-ins for a lot of reasons, and I would only wear my halo extensions for special occasions (I wore one for my wedding last year!).

Once I got my NBR in, the lights came ON. No need to say much more than that- I added 5" of length, but beyond that it was about the FULLNESS. I legit have goddess hair now, the type of hair that turns heads and I love that I have zero fear of anyone going "oh that girl clearly has extensions". The newfound confidence is real!

I add 4-5" of length to my hair, and 2-3x the density with NBR

I add 4-5" of length to my hair, and 2-3x the density with NBR

NBR is the real deal, and my clients are obsessed! I LOVE that I now have an extensions method that I believe in wholeheartedly. Check out what my client Lesley has to say about her new Natural Beaded Rows extensions below.

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