NBR: The most customizable extensions on the market

Pretty much every hair extensions method out there involves the following: client shows up, color swatch ring comes out, and then the best match is found, ordered, and installed. The result is usually what you might expect... it looks like hair extensions- where you can tell something is off.

One of the funnier things I've heard lately was from my dad. He's always been my biggest fan, and even knows what balayage is! I was doing his bi-weekly buzz cut the other day and he was like "hey, I need a stack of your new cards". Sure, okay! But... any particular reason? "I saw this woman at the grocery store yesterday who had THE WORST EXTENSIONS. She needed your help!". I mean, if my dad can spot some rogue weave in the wild, you know there must be a better way.

Enter NBR. I haven't had this much fun working on hair since my early days when I worked on photoshoots at every opportunity possible. I'm not only helping transform my clients' everyday looks by giving them the fullness and lush hair they've always wanted... I'm giving them REAL hair that looks like it popped straight off of Pinterest. And it's low-maintenance, to boot! 

Preparing hair for Sarah's NBR installation

Preparing hair for Sarah's NBR installation

I first met Sarah years ago on one of my many trips to my local craft store- she always helped me out when I was looking for some odd thing for my projects, and eventually she became my client at Gingersnap. When I was just getting started on my Natural Beaded Rows journey, she jumped straight on board and wanted to give it a shot. This got me excited because a) she always had super fun color requests and b) she was never able to grow the long lush mane she'd wanted.

We chatted color, set our date and then I set to work getting her new hair ready. We always do some variant of red, but this summer we were feeling a blend of blush, pink, copper and blonde. This isn't any kind of swatch-and-go situation: I custom-colored every piece of hand-tied hair and then layered them together in her installation. 

Sarah, after her NBR transformation

Sarah, after her NBR transformation

The result? Pure, inimitable happiness. This is why I love what I do <3

Sarah's before &amp; after

Sarah's before & after

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