Blonde Ambition

NBR is a lot of things... and one of the most fun? It's instant gratification in hair form!

My last post on Gingersnap Blog showed a really stunning example of what you can do to create lush fullness and color dimension on already-long hair (using 1 row + 1 mini row). This week I'd love to show you something different: short to long, on someone who already has lots of density.

I've been coloring Ally's hair for a few years now & we've done so many lovely blonde and rose gold tones! Ally has wanted to be a mermaid for quite some time, but it can be so tricky to add realistic length when your hair is already super thick- the hair can look disconnected and unrealistic.

Lucky for us- Natural Beaded Rows has arrived!! It's a hair extensions method that was designed particularly with fine-haired clients in mind, but yes, it can also be used to add length to all of you ladies with all the hair.

I decided to start Ally off with NBR by using the middle length, 18". I created a customized blend of beautiful blonde tones, and then added a shadow root to every piece of hair that matches Ally's natural color perfectly. Her hair was also freshly balayaged and glossed for maximum pretty. The net result? An absolutely perfect, seamless match. There isn't any other method out there that involves custom color on the extensions at this level of detail.

I'm calling this beautiful blonde blend Caramel Macchiato <3

Ally is wearing 2.5 rows of beautifully-blended 18" NBR

Ally is wearing 2.5 rows of beautifully-blended 18" NBR

I love the mix of vanilla, caramel and light cocoa tones! Check out her before & after pictures below- beautiful before, mermaid after!

A little bit of extensions magic

A little bit of extensions magic

NBR can be used to fill in, boost texture, add length, add color... or all 4! 

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